No, not a sad trumpet tune but a reminder that this was our last day in America for this particular adventure. Lady Burton is already talking about “when” we come back and not “if” so there’s a fair chance that one day we’ll come back and see a bit more of this totally amazing place. But all good things must come to an end, and that’s the case for us.

We had breakfast after being roused by the Housekeeping team at 07.30 this morning. Mary complained about it before we sat down to eat and we were given an apology and a late check-out until 12.30 which suited us perfectly. For my part, I went back to bed after breakfast and grabbed another couple of hours sleep while Mary did whatever she did: I don’t know as I was sleeping! We filled up just along the road and headed off up the I-15 towards Las Vegas where we were booked for the last night back in the Luxor again, it being also where we had to drop off the Kia.

Classic advert

Having driven this route three weeks ago, there wasn’t a whole lot to marvel at but we did manage to snap the frequent oddities that came our way. In a regulation two-and-a-half hours we were on the streets of las Vegas, watching the daily chaos unfold in front of us. I refilled the tank for handing back, found the upper car park with no problem at all compared to our first visit and rolled the Kia into Avis bay 16. As we unpacked the Avis lady in charge came driving by and took our documents and the car keys, saving us any bother in that respect. Mary soon checked us in (room 245 on the 18th floor this time!) and up we went to settle in.

Vegas Streets

But this is George and Mary you’re reading about, so settle in doesn’t mean settle down. You see, we had always intended trying to fit in another Vegas show before leaving and we’d noticed there was a Cirque du Soleil presentation of some Beatles music in a show called “Love” on up the road, so if we could get a ticket we would give it a go. In the room however, I re-read the brochure and it appeared to be a lot more acrobatics than music at the “Love” performance. So I searched on and would you believe it found a show by a Beatles Tribute band on at 17.30 in The Planet Hollywood Resort also up the road. I found this at 16.35!

In a flash we were out on the Strip, marching boldly along, up, across, down, along, up, down etc until we found the CVS Market we’d bought our last tickets in and yes, they had some for us at discount. Tickets in Lady Burton’s handbag, we continued to sprint along then up, over Las Vegas Boulevard and back down before plunging into the Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. When we reached the Box Office inside, it was 17.22, but we’d made it and in we went.

The show was brilliant. They recreated The Beatles’ appearance for the first time in America on the Ed Sullivan Show with a really good “Ed Sullivan” by the way, before switching to The Sergeant Pepper’s Beatles and doing stuff from the classic Album as well as songs from “Yellow Submarine”. And they finished with the late Beatles songs from “Abbey Road” and “Let it be”. It was an excellent 90 minutes and we were well pleased with making it there. We also had photos taken with the Fab Four at the end of the performance.

Original Line-Up

Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Austin powers popped in!

Good Moment

After the show, we ate out at a Mexican place and then enjoyed a slow walk back through the madness to the Luxor where we had another go at the roulette. As before I lost all my money but Lady Burton won almost exactly what I lost, so we actually came out on top. The pace however began to catch up on me at this point and I had to get back up to the room where I’m writing this bleary-eyed but happy.

Mary above the Strip

Fairy Tale City

Well, that’s it! America – done and box ticked! We both think this has definitely been the best holiday we’ve ever had and we almost can’t believe the amount of things we’ve managed to do in the last five-and-a-half weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed following my blog and if you can’t comment here then send me an email to let me know what you thought of it. For the moment, Goodbye everybody and thanks again for sharing the crazy ride with us! Bye! Bye!

A Final Selfie