I thought I should round off the trip by letting you know that we’re safely back in the flat in Dundee.

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at our hotel in Krakow this morning before jumping into a taxi which took us to the airport. Boy, was that a busy place! But, as always, we got through security eventually and boarded the plane 30 minutes later than scheduled. It tried its best but didn’t really make up the time in the air (even with a tail-wind) so that, by the time we were through passport control, got our cases from the belt and took the tram to Edinburgh Gateway, it was 13.46 and, yes, you guessed it, our Dundee train left at 13.44! Bugger!

However my faith in human nature was renewed when the most helpful of ladies at Edinburgh Gateway conjured up our tickets for the next train out of Haymarket at no extra cost. This necessitated taking a train to Haymarket (wrong direction!) and waiting 40 minutes for the Aberdeen train – Virgin – which came in 30 minutes late and already packed to bursting like those trains you see chugging around India with folk hanging off the sides and on the roof. Surprisingly we both got seats by using our elbows and charm, but they were 10 seats apart, so I had a conversation with a lecturer in Primary education all the way to Dundee while Mary talked Norwegian cruises to an elderly couple.

Mum (God bless her!) was waiting for us at Dundee station and drove us up to the flat. And that’s where we are now, watching TV and catching up on what’s been happening while we’ve been away. As always, we’re delighted to be back home but typically we’ll be back on the road on Wednesday, up North to see my brother Joe and his wife in Lochcarron and then we’ll come back just to leave the car. The train will take us to Scott and Keira’s for Saturday night then another train will take us to Mike and Het’s in Kendal. M & H will be driving us to Liverpool for a 2 day Beatles tour (which I’ve always wanted to do) and then we’re flying from there to Barcelona for a 2 week rest in the caravan in Vilanova. At least that’s the plan!

Ok. Time to open a bottle of Isla Negra and toast a successful tour. I’m secretly a bit chuffed that it all worked out so well, trains, hotels, apartments, trips. Of course, if it wasn’t for the Internet, none of that would be possible without a whole world of visits to travel agents and choosing from only what they offer. We recommend a visit to Bratislava, Budapest and Krakow (if only to go to Auschwitz) from our travels, but if you only have one chance, then we both suggest Budapest which was absolutely brilliant!

This is the end of the daily posts for the moment but I’m back in the groove as regards writing stuff, so don’t be surprised if you get news from the Highlands and Liverpool.

I leave you with a couple of snaps that I didn’t have space for earlier. Cheerio!

Mary chatting up a Budapest artist!

Me learning Hungarian!