We slept long this morning after yesterday’s marathon but still had a plan to follow for today. I worked out a route to our first targets that would involve using the trams as often as possible and would spare our poor wee legs!

So it was onto the tram outside our flat, 6 stops to the river and a change to the no.2 tram which I’d read described as the best tram ride in Europe. We quickly sussed it would have this reputation because in runs along the left bank of the Danube all the way to the Parliament (which we were going to have a closer look at.)

But not far from the Hungarian seat of power, we stopped to reflect on an amazing piece of artwork, the “Shoes by the Danube”, 60 pairs of old shoes cast in bronze to commemorate the murder of dozens of Hungarian patriots by their own Nazi members who shot them there, letting the bodies fall into the river.


Suitably sobered by this poignant display, we jumped back on the tram and made our way to the Szécheni Fürdó, the spa centre we had decided to treat ourselves to. We’d even remembered to bring our cozzies! And just as well because, with the sun shining and a temperature 10 degrees higher than yesterday, we had the most amazing afternoon in the healing hot waters of this natural spa.


More pools than you can count, a huge outdoor complex, water at 30-50 degrees plus loads of treatments we did not have on our menu and you get an idea of what this place was like. There were hundreds of people taking the waters quietly and sedately or sitting by the pools having a coffee in their swimsuits. The baths indoors dated back a long way too. There’s no room here to describe it all in detail so you’ll have to google it or make do with our photos.


Returning to the flat after a very late lunch, I had an hour or so in the Land of Nod while Lady Burton did whatever it is she does. I awoke just in time to freshen up, grab my coat and whisk down into the bowels of the Metro on the corner and a short trip back to the Basilica, the start and finish of the Night Bus Tour.

This tour was absolutely brilliant because although we’d already seen all the sights over the past 2 days, this time we were seeing them under illumination! We were both speechless with what we saw and can only show you a couple of the hundreds of photos we took.


So was it home to pack after all that? Not quite! Because just opposite our flat happened to be the New York Café, rated the most beautiful café in the world. So where else to end our time in Budapest?


Some posh bird!

We only had a cup of coffee but the decor both inside and out was something else. We really felt quite posh in there!


Lady Burton looking for the loos!


The New York Café

And so we’ve had our 3 day visit to Budapest and it gets a huge thumbs-up from both of us. Think Paris with Spanish prices: that’s what we thought it was and if you want more you should plan a weekend escape yourselves.


Steepest escalator ever!!