Our apartment, middle floor 4th/5th from right

Today would be all about serious sightseeing as we aimed to get in as much as we could from this great city. So while Mary stuck with the Weetabix cardboard option, I took advantage of the apartment’s cooking facilities to rustle up a mushroom omelette to accompany my tea and toast. I’m a man of simple tastes.

A brisk walk down the main road ended in us being accosted by a rep from Citytours offering us 2 bus tours, a boat trip and a night tour of the illuminations on one ticket. He almost fainted when we told him “Yes, that’s exactly what we want!” We hopped on and we’re taken over the Chain Bridge to Buda and up the hill to the Citadel. From there we travelled down and back over the Danube to St. Stephen’s Basilica where we got off for a visit. It was just ABC (Another Bloody Cathedral!) as Uncle Gerard used to quip. But we found a strange reliquary inside with (reputedly) the preserved right hand of St. Job. Back outside we warmed up with a bowl of Goulash Soup at an eatery as it was windy, rainy and quite cold today.


There’s a hand in there!

Back on the bus for our second tour, this time we got to see Buda Castle (you can see it from everywhere actually!) the Parliament Buildings, Heroes Square and lots more. We eventually jumped off on the banks of the river and took up our free river cruise up the Danube, around Margaret Island and back down. It was so exciting that we both fell fast asleep and missed loads of it.


Parliament from the Danube


Compulsory selfie on Chain Bridge

At the far end I paused to get a bottle of water out of my new backpack. Except I didn’t have a backpack! Oh no! What had happened? Investigation of the photos Mary had taken of me revealed it was there until the Fisherman’s Bastion. But just before that, we’d been in that wee café. Bingo! But it’s getting dark and the café is over the bridge at the top of the hill. And we’re both getting tired!

Wait! I’d commented on the wee blue bus no. 16 up at the castle. Quick, check the guide for bus routes. Flick flick.  The 16 passes by here. There’s one! Run!! To cut a long story short, that bus took us back to the café, my rucksack was indeed there, Lady Burton used their toilets and we hopped on a bus back down, not even paying the fare this time!

Needless to say it was straight up the avenue via a couple of shops, a quick pasta tea and Mary curled up with a book while I switched on Hungarian TV and the Gods were smiling on me as I stumbled on Barcelona v Juventus live! Great game too. Pity the Celts took such a beating but it sounds like PSG were something else!

That’s it. Hope you’re not too tired keeping up our pace but that’s what touring is like. Same again tomorrow? Hope not.


Sent Mary to the shops for a couple of beers