We started our Sunday with mass in St. Martin’s cathedral not 200 metres from where we’re staying. It was old-time traditional with booming organ and incense everywhere but we loved it, even though, being said in Slovak, we settled for an English mass in our heads. Once again, being a Catholic, as the word suggests, the mass was entirely the same as always despite the change in language, so we felt we knew perfectly well what was going on.

After mass we walked back to the pub below our flat and had lunch to gird our loins for the afternoon sightseeing. Oh, and get in a couple of beers! Then it was a sharp trek up the hill to Bratislava Castle but we chose not to visit, settling for taking in the brilliant views of the Danube, the bridges and beyond. The weather continued to be kind to us and the only rain had fallen while we were inside at mass. Thank you, God!

Danube & bridges

Another great sight!


Next it was back down into the old town where we followed a suggested walking tour of places of interest. We did really well and Mary got in her 13,000 steps at a canter as we spent the whole afternoon discovering the main attractions of the Slovakian capital city. Some were obvious and some not so! We were already making plans to come back here because it was just so “cool”! There was nothing frantic about this Sunday afternoon and we took it at our leisure. After coffee (outside of course) we went back to the flat for a siesta, which we could do just because where we were living was so central.

Our flat is the 3rd window one floor up

St. Michael’s Gate, just opposite.

Lady Burton & Boney!


One of the things that really tickled us was a bronze statue of a man emerging from a manhole below a sign announcing “Man at work”. Sometimes it’s a little thing like this that can leave you with a special memory of a place and I know we both enjoyed snapping this wee gem.

Man at work!

After dinner (Schnitzel with rice and salad) we set off along the sidestreets but almost immediately were attracted by what appeared to be a brass band playing. Sure enough we chanced upon a crowd enjoying a band accompanying a group of Twirlers or Majorettes as they’re often called. Straight after they had strutted their stuff, on walk the presidential guards to do a drill for us. But not just any old drill! This was fast-paced and edgy, some serious manoeuvring of their rifles, intricate and exciting, and all to the sound of Ed Sheeran’s “The Shape of You”!  Unbelievable Geoff! 

From there we searched for and found a statue of Hans Christian Anderssen having read that those who touch his hand will become inspired writers. OK I had to give it a go!

Holding Hans’ hands!

Finally we went on a romantic evening walk down the banks of the Danube on a beautiful warm evening with not a breath of wind. We watched boats glide silently by as we passed boat restaurants and even a Botel, one I had considered booking when I was planning all of this a couple of months ago. One last stroll through the main square gave us a final opportunity for a souvenir photo and it was time to return to the flat. We’ll miss you, Bratislava!

Main Square

Sorry, I couldn’t resist squeezing in one more unusual photo. These vapour gates were all over town.

And tonight Matthew, I’m going to be………. Lady Burton!