This is another of these posts designed for all my readers who don’t use Facebook (with a teeny apology to those of you who do).

I was told to expect a peak of interest in my books once “Wee Georgie” started in our local newspaper The Dundee Courier as their daily serial. That was on Monday past and it seems that what I was told may well be happening. This is a screenshot of today’s bestsellers list of Scottish memoirs at  Waterstones. There are 103 books on that list and it shows “Wee Georgie” at no.1 and the follow-up “Georgie” at no.2. “Wee Georgie” is also no. 25 out of 1163 books on the British memoirs list!

This is all the more impressive as the books are only on sale in the Dundee Waterstones while the others are available all over in all Waterstones’ stores! I am indebted to the great people of Dundee and surrounding area for their massive support for my work.

Thank you all.

The old 1-2!

The old 1-2!