Hello readers. This is just a short post to give you all a heads-up on the forthcoming publication of my new memoir entitled “Georgie”. It will launch at a book-signing in Waterstones of Dundee on Saturday 28 November at 12.00 and I’d love as many of you as possible to come along with your family and friends to help make the event a success. The book will take you through Georgie’s teenage years at secondary school in Dundee from 1965-71 and tries to capture the changes taking place in Dundee and indeed around the world during those years. I think you’ll find me a totally different boy at the end of the book than at the beginning, as is always the case when we grow up.

The new book also goes beyond Dundee and has chapters on Coupar Angus, where I spent so much of my time, Leeds, where my Dad’s family lived and St. Andrews where we spent 3 summer holidays and where Joe went to University. Joe by the way edited the book for me again and he plays a major role in the stories as you’d expect from my only big brother. I’ve managed to include quite a lot of photos, both of the family and of Dundee from that time and here’s one from one of the later chapters to whet your appetite.

A photo from one of the final chapters. Me and Mum.

Me and Mum.

Although the new book is longer than “Wee Georgie”, I’ve kept it at £9.99, attractively-priced especially as a Christmas present. It will be on sale at Waterstones of course but also at the Nisa superstore on the Perth Road in Dundee because those guys have been really good to me regarding selling my books. If you’re in the West End, pop in there and get your copy of “Georgie”. I’ll be doing a signing there as well. If you’re not in Dundee, don’t worry, you can buy a copy of both books from my website http://www.socratesthesnail.co.uk where you can also pre-order your copy of “Georgie” as from today and we’ll deliver it to you as soon as they come in from the printer’s.

Copies of the first memoir “Wee Georgie” have been selling really well this week after a great article about me and my work appeared in the local newspaper “The Dundee Courier” on Monday. I sold 9 copies of “Wee Georgie” yesterday on Kindle, one in Australia and one in Canada, which is a record for me and I’ve sold 20-odd books over the past 2 days. here’s a link to the article if you want to read it.


After much debate I finally chose the new cover in grey to reflect the period of time it deals with (“Wee Georgie”s cover was sepia, remember?) and I was lucky enough to find a photo of Joe and me in deckchairs on a beach, an extraordinary coincidence given the original cover of Joe, me and Lizzie on the first book. The back is another modern photo of me in writing mode with a blurb about what’s in the book of course. Here are the covers and spine.

26847_Georgie Grey Covers and Spine (1)_p1

If you buy a copy of the new book, or get it as a gift for someone, can I urge you to review it when you’ve read it, either on Waterstones’ site or any other. Next year, once it’s on Amazon and Kindle like “Wee Georgie” is, you can get a paper or electronic copy and review it on their site which they always encourage you to do.

Don’t forget you can buy all my books at http://www.socratesthesnail.co.uk In any case, enjoy what you read and let me know what you think, especially of “Georgie”. Maybe see you at Waterstones on the 28 November!