Hey, we slept well past 9 this morning. It must have been yesterday’s long drive north. But we were quickly breakfasted and off into the centre of Bayeux to see the cathedral and the world-famous tapestry. The weather was very dreich but that wasn’t of any concern as we were going to be inside anyway.

We found a good place to park (2 euros for 4 hours) and, just as we approached the Tapestry museum, we noticed a huge school group from St. Somethingorother’s going in. That told us to make a U-turn and go to the cathedral first. What a lovely visit that was, a beautiful church of Gothic style but well-restored to a good clean finish. Even the crypt had been given a scrub!

Once we had seen enough of the cathedral it was time to tick another box on our bucket lists by finally seeing the Bayeux Tapestry. Armed with our Audioguides, we walked the length of the 70-metre tapestry stopping at each of its 50-odd sections to listen to a description of what we were looking at and how it fitted in with the tale of the Norman Conquest in 1066. We have to say that the presentation was absolutely first class and advanced our understanding of this famous battle, it’s causes and its repercussions. We left beaming. Sorry there are no photos but taking them is strictly forbidden.

Lunch was taken in a wee town a bit further up the N13 then it was up the road to Cherbourg and the ferry port. After a second attempt (how I ended up driving down the same hill twice I’ll never know!)  we reached the check-in at just after 3 o’clock, 2 hours before cast-off and the UK on the other side of the Channel. The crossing – I’m writing this on the boat – is really quite smooth with just the odd bump and we’ll be arriving in Portsmouth at 7 o’clock GMT. then it’s a 2-hour drive to Bath where we’re staying the night with our friends Kate and Dave, the couple who sold us the big caravan. Tomorrow there’s a long drive to Newcastle.

Just for the record, Victoria is still unemployed and we have taken to just following the road signs, a policy which so far has been highly successful. No-one has suggested she be re-employed!