I thought I’d update you all on the first couple of days with the book on sale on Kindle and Kindle App. It has sold 10 copies, nine here in the UK and one in the USA. There is however a free promotion starting tomorrow and lasting 2 days so a perfect opportunity to download it then and review it once read. The positive reviews are really important to the success of the book so I’d appreciate all you can do to help spread the word. If you use Facebook then I have attached a link which you can share with your friends.


We are fine back in the flat and enjoying some really good summer weather at the moment. Today we spoke with Scott who told us he is coming home from Australia on 18 July. Can’t wait to see him again! He said he saw Andy Murray win at Wimbledon in a crowd all going a bit crazy after the Lions’ victory in Sydney as well. He is proud to be a Scot abroad.

I’ve taken up the guitar again – once I’d changed to lighter gauge strings – and I’m enjoying a wee strum when I get the chance. We had a week looking after our grandson Ben which was great fun although surprisingly exhausting and we must say he is a wee gem but we would say that, wouldn’t we?!