Our last full day on site at Vilanova Park started with a couple of heavy showers but brightened up quickly thanks to a really hot sun which dried the roads in minutes. Still, it was satisfying that the awning was safely tucked away in its bag in the toilet of the Magic Caravan. Any optimism was then dashed as we all heard that the lovely old French lady three up on the other side of the row had had a stroke and been whisked off to hospital in Barcelona. At this moment we have no idea how she is but our thoughts are with her and her husband.

We had to meticulously pick our way through all our drawers to ensure there were no items we would be requiring to use when we got back home and it was quite amazing the little things we discovered lying hidden within their confines. Meanwhile the heavens kept threatening to open but never actually managed to cause us any concern, restricting itself to two-minute sprinkles of warm Spanish rain, not even enough to chase the sun worshippers away from the outdoor pool where so many of them prefer to spend every waking minute.

Around four o’clock, Mike and I went up for a final challenge match for this series and once again there was barely a cigarette paper between us while I had the lion’s share of good fortune and shots off the edge, sneaking victory by two sets to one. We toasted our recent excellent sport with a pint at the bar then I came back down to the caravan to find Mary had made brilliant progress inside, with all areas hoovered, washed, scrubbed and made ready for the 3 months’ storage. I promised to join in as soon as I’d had my post-match kip and the next 90 minutes were spent in the land of Nod.

All we had left for tea was a pizza which we were still eating when Carol’s other half Rob came over to wish us farewell. Typically he ended up staying an hour or so, recounting for us over a cup of tea his life in Liverpool and his work in the shipyard there. Just another friendly neighbour popping in for a cuppa and a chat, part of the daily life here on the camp site, the life we have learned to love so much.

And then it was a final check that we had everything packed either in the caravan for leaving here or in the Audi for bringing home with us. I told Mary I was going to write up this post early so that it could be on the Blog using the bar’s Internet as we will have no service tomorrow morning. So we strolled up there for the last time on the adventure, uploaded today’s post and raised a glass to Vilanova Park where we will return in 3 months and of course to our beloved Magic Caravan.

Tomorrow we wave it goodbye and set off on the long journey home. Next stop: Clermont-Ferrand.