One of the practical issues of living here is undoubtedly Internet provision which we both consider to be absolutely vital for life in the twenty-first century. We have already posted more than once that we could get by without television or without telephone but would struggle to cope without a decent Internet connection.

Basically you have three options. Firstly you can buy Internet hours up at reception which allows you an amount of time logged in to the campsite Wi-Fi: we did this when we first arrived but found the signal weak and intermittent. Secondly you can use the bar’s Wi-Fi by purchasing any food or drink and asking for a ticket which will give a free hour’s Internet connection: this is very good and is always a strong and fast signal allowing downloads, uploads and smooth communications via Skype and Facetime. Thirdly you can buy a dongle and pay for Internet connection from any of the major providers on a daily or monthly basis: our ISP is Orange and this is the system we prefer.

As we only have 5 days left here, I decided yesterday to stay off the Orange daily rate and only use the bar’s system to ensure we would have enough credit in our account to see us through to the last morning. That explains why I only posted at about midday when I got up to the bar despite having written the post the night before. When we return in September, we will go back on a monthly prepaid account which gives us 24/7 Internet for 30 days and costs approximately 40 Euro. The great advantage with that is that we can access the Internet from the Magic Caravan whenever we want.

So, with no Internet to amuse us yesterday, we resorted to old-fashioned books. Mary was zipping through a new thriller while I plodded towards the climax of the murder mystery she gave me three days ago. In truth I did enjoy the book, understood its dénouement and considered the unravelling of its webs of intrigue to be quite acceptable, surprising but still within the limits of likelihood. There was no alien from a distant planet living in the guise of the town’s schoolmaster required to explain why so many people were murdered: it was just good, clean (or otherwise) human greed and jealousy, the catalyst for real, daily murders here below.

When we did get on the Internet up at the bar, we called Auntie Ellen in Leeds to arrange to stopover there on our way home. Unfortunately she and Uncle Terry will be away in Wales when we pass through Yorkshire so we’ll have to miss them this time, but hopefully we’ll be able to call in on the way back to Spain later in the year. It looks like we’ll be taking up Claire’s invitation to stop the night with them in Newcastle before the final drive up to Dundee so Mary will call her tomorrow to arrange that.

In the afternoon I borrowed Mike’s European Road Atlas to double-check the way back through France, given that there are an awful lot of alternative roads to use, some quicker than others. We briefly discussed slowing down our journey home and taking in some more of France but we have stuck to our original plan of getting up to Calais as quickly as possible, crossing via the Tunnel then just driving up to Newcastle where we hope to be on Wednesday night, all going well.

We decided to spend the evening in front of the TV but once Mary had found a double episode of “Embarrassing Bodies” I made my excuses and returned to the bar where I had some Facetime with firstly George and then Gavin with whom I made arrangements to get back the keys to our flat. All of this underlined the imminent reality of our return to Dundee and, while we are excited at the prospect of all that that entails, we are nonetheless sad to be leaving behind a place where life is truly sweet, especially now that the weather has settled into a familiar warm and sunny pattern.  (It has just started raining!)

George posted on Facebook a report in the Courier about two lads breaking into the new Leisure Centre and having an illicit swim after a night on the bevy. What a hoot! We can’t wait to get back to the crazy world of Dundee’s leisure scene, warts and all!

Just found out we can expect showers tomorrow. Maybe we won’t make the beach as planned.