Ever since our last walk up into the hills, we had been promising ourselves a trip up to the reservoir we had seen from the top. So just after breakfast, I zoomed in on Google maps and selected a trail I estimated was about 6 miles long and which looped from the road up into the hills and back down again either side of the reservoir. The weather was windy but still warm and sunny with absolutely no chance of rain so today seemed perfect for our next bit of exercise.

Where we walked today

We drove up the windy road which leads past the campsite itself and parked in one of the few available lay-bys just south of the dam. With sturdy boots and backpacks full of drinks and sandwiches, plus binoculars and a compass, we made 3 unsuccessful attempts to find the start to the trail before finding an old aqueduct below which a path snaked under the road and off into a gorge. We followed this into the hills for about an hour before settling down in the shade and having our lunch.

As sometimes happens, we found it a bit difficult to regain our walking rhythm after eating but fortunately we came upon the fork in the road we’d been looking for, swung left up the hill and quickly got back into our stride. On exposed patches the wind was quite fierce but when it wasn’t blowing the temperature would quickly creep up and make us start to “glow” again. Half an hour of digging in uphill and we reached the plateau which afforded us further excellent panoramas of the coastline around Vilanova and the Mediterranean beyond.

On the way down

Coming down for once presented us no difficulty and we were soon on the road heading for the reservoir which we discovered lapping against the shore not 5 metres from the road. Once we reached the dam we crossed over and took in the spectacular views down the steep side while admiring the 28 meter deep loch it was holding back. There were no turbines here, telling us this was more of a Lintrathen-type water reservoir rather than a Pitlochry generating station. We were surprised at how far away from the dam we had actually parked and didn’t particularly enjoy the last kilometre walking along the narrow country road.

Well I’ll be dammed!

Before we reached the car we stopped to snap this chap, unfortunately quite, quite dead!

A one-metre long snake!

At the car we shed our boots and socks and thankfully donned our comfy sandals again. You could almost hear our feet sighing with relief! We were back at the Magic Caravan in 15 minutes, delighted with our day’s efforts but a tad on the weary side. I was asleep within a short time while Mary settled down for a game on the i-Pad before making the mince and tatties for our tea. The rest of the evening was spent in front of the TV and bed was much earlier than usual for us.

Our tans continue to improve on walks like today’s and we even swopped sunglasses to try to avoid having white patches on our faces but Mary does have a bit of Panda eyes at the moment which she’ll be hoping to smooth over before we come home. The next few days promise to be warm and sunny, becoming hot in the afternoons, despite the giant depression which has been sitting over most of Europe for the past couple of days. Although many folk are complaining, we find the climate brilliant as it’s warm and sunny but never totally roasting which always chases us indoors.

I guess we’ll have to put up with it!