We had our first day off since the last day in March today. We didn’t have to travel anywhere and we didn’t have to visit any place, the two things we have had to do every day in April and May. That’s all over now, at least for a wee while. There will be no cathedrals, no campsites, no “completo gasoleo, por favor” every two or three days and, best of all, no miles to be driven. If I never see another motorway I‘ll not regret it, believe me. I am absolutely scunnered with driving. We’ll be taking the bus and train to go places for the next four weeks I assure you.

I had my long lie this morning but decided to get up around ten o’clock after Mary had brought me a cup of tea in bed (the arsenic had no effect surprisingly!). We then breakfasted under the awning which was intact despite a rather stormy night of thunder and lightning storms and constant rainfall. The carpet also appeared to be dry underfoot, suggesting the rainwater had not found a way in, neither through the roof nor along the ground and under the rubber flooring

I then foolishly went out to try and set up the satellite dish again, thereby wasting yet another two hours of my life. By evening we were to come to the conclusion that the signal was being partially blocked by the trees which are now thick with foliage compared to our last stay here in March. Once I’d abandoned that idea there was little else to do other than stroll up to the bar and check out what was going on.

I found the bar area very busy with Spanish and French holiday makers making the most of the long weekend for Pentecost. It was like feeding time at the zoo inside and out on the boules pitches battle was raging fiercely with many a “Dio!” and “Zut” coming from our European neighbours. I took advantage of the free Wi-Fi to Facetime George and was lucky enough to be able to see and speak to Ben as well (although he was on the potty at the time). George told me he’d read of my illegal antics in Zaragoza and rather mocked me for my stupidity. He also said that Daniel, like Ally’s Sarah, has just started fourth year at St. John’s and we both shook our heads at the speed with which the next generation are growing up.

Back at the tent we got into conversation with an English couple from Rotherham way who now live near Carnac in Brittany but drive down here two or three times a year and take a chalet on the site. It’s clearly the way to do it and you had all better get yourselves geared up for coming out to visit us from next September until the following June. The nice one right opposite our pitch is owned by Keycamp so start there.

Having had such difficulty with the satellite today, I’ve decided to buy an ordinary aerial and run a coaxial cable straight to the TV so we can watch Spanish terrestrial channels. That should also help us improve our language more quickly, in the same way that watching so much German TV this year has boosted our ability there. I might also buy us a larger satellite dish with a view to securing a decent signal from Astra 28 for BBC and ITV programmes. Boys and their toys, eh?

The forecast for the next week is generally sunny with periodic showers, some thundery. Minimum temperature overnight will be 13º and maximum during the day 24º so no complaints there I suppose. I am informed that the weather in UK has taken a turn for the better with the odd sunny day and temperatures in double figures so let’s hope it continues to improve as people tell us the winter and spring have been awful this year.

It’s quite noisy on the site tonight as the Spanish are no great respecters of the “no noise after ten” rule when they come here at the weekends. I have to say, they sure know how to party when they get together as families. It’s after midnight and all the bairns are still up in the company of their mums and dads sat outside around large tables laden with goodies. Try doing that in Lochee!

It occurs to me that I’ve just written almost 800 words about nothing, as nothing is what happened today. I’ll stop now as I have to prevent Mary from going out and strangling the loud Spanish lady with the dirtiest laugh ever!

On the other hand, I might just let her!