I had to take the brolly to get to the loo first thing this morning, so heavy was the rain which had never ceased while we slept. But I’m glad to report it had stopped by the time breakfast was over and we were hitching up again so that part of moving day was not as traumatic as it threatened to be. Let me assure you (and my cousin Renée in particular) that bending over in the thumping rain to allow it to run down your neck and under your clothes while you stand in the mud and try to wind up tight caravan legs with a wet brace may never reach number one on your list of “Things I love to do”.

But as usual we got away without any real crisis and today we chose the main road south avoiding the expensive autovia again. The N232 took us smoothly south on an almost continual descent from the heights of Rioja (thus proving that some of Spain’s roads do go down) to the lower ground of Aragon and its most famous city, Zaragoza. It was one of the best journeys we’ve taken and I think the Audi grinned for most of the way there as it was able to stay in top gear for many kilometres, unlike previous moves. We arrived blissfully unstressed in Zaragoza and the fuel gauge suggested we had rolled downhill for most of the way so little diesel appeared to have been used.

Our last new campsite was an urban one on the south-west edge of the city and just off a dual carriageway. I was surprised to be asked to pay in advance (quite uncommon in Spain) and the rate per night was one of the dearest we have been charged, but that was due to this site not accepting our ACSI discount card which most of the others do. I was proud when I managed to reverse the Magic Caravan into our allotted pitch between a Dutchman and a Frenchman and we unhitched quickly then had a spot of lunch we’d bought at the petrol station at the start of our journey.

I left Mary to wrestle with her mobile phone which wasn’t working properly while I had my afternoon nap and when I awoke, the weather had brightened up so I went out and had my own wrestling match with the satellite dish. We then had an international competition between Holland, France and Scotland to see who could get the Astra 19º East signal first and yours truly won hands down. Unfortunately one of the channels that wouldn’t fix was Kabel 1, the very one showing tonight’s Europa League Final between Chelsea and Benfica.

Around six o’clock we got in the Audi and drove to a nearby Mercadona where we did some badly-needed shopping, something we’d avoided of late. Back at the site Mary set to work on a tatties and mince with extra cauliflower bean feast while I tinkered with the satellite reception. We had a really brilliant tea tonight, tons of good, plain food with crusty bread to wipe plates clean, then my patience was rewarded when the satellite finally fixed on the signal literally 30 seconds before the game kicked off. Wonderful!

While I enjoyed the footie, Mary went off to the reception and used their Wi-Fi to call her Mum and sister to catch up on her family’s weekend away in Glasgow. It sounds as if they had a great time and we’re really pleased for them. We spent the rest of the evening playing games and reading up on what there is to see in Zaragoza which we’ll be visiting tomorrow.

It may well have the honour of being town number 50 on the Grand Tour.