The above title refers not to my beloved wife but to the location of our next campsite, an hour and a half up the road and across the bay from the famous port of Cadiz. It was one of our shorter trips on moving day but interesting nonetheless as we drove through some seriously flat plains and saw the biggest collection of windmills we have seen anywhere in the world.

Where there are windmills, you will find wind. And we certainly found it as I was forced to keep the Audi under 60 mph just to make sure the Magic Caravan didn’t get blown right off our hitch. Some of the gusts made us wobble quite a bit and even the extension mirrors took a severe beating from the Sirocco blast as we scurried along at sea level.

Once again however we got ourselves to where we were going without a great deal of fuss and we must thank Victoria for steering us through unknown streets to an equally unknown destination, this time the town of Puerto de Santa Maria across the bay from Cadiz. Our pitch was big but it was exposed and rugged, leaving us to pine for the green pasture of our previous site in Tarifa.

I know you’re going to think “There he goes again” but I had given high priority to seeing tonight’s Champions’ League semi-final between Barcelona and Bayern Munich. That’s why I chatted up a Geordie couple opposite us to find out if they had reception on their telly. The answer was an emphatic “No!” but I got a beer out of it. Next stop was the campsite bar where, over a beer, I discussed with the barman the chances of seeing the game there in the bar. He said it could be on but they tended to close about 9 p.m.

Back in the Magic Caravan I explored the online options and set up 2 back-ups lest the bar closed early, given that the dongle was averaging over 100 kps down here. That made live stream a real option. However, as luck would have it, we decided to eat out tonight at the restaurant and after our meal we drifted into the bar where, to my utter delight, we were able to watch the whole of the match live on Spanish TV. And what a brilliant result by Bayern Munich! I can’t see even Barca in the Camp Nou making up 4 goals on a team which thinks its name is on the cup.

That last week spent down at Tarifa was absolutely brilliant! Not only did we get to see some of the family, but we had that crazy day in Tangiers and a lovely visit to Ronda. The campsite itself was very comfortable even if a family of giant toads lived there with us! We felt really well down in that corner of Spain and probably wouldn’t be too upset if we had to come back one day. Here’s hoping anyway!

It was St. George’s Day today and in Spain the feast of San Jordi. Whatever the name, it was my saint’s day and I celebrated in style with a couple of beers more than usual and a great meal in the restaurant. We are both dead happy to be heading north at last and saying goodbye to the coastline and Hola! to the real Spain inland. They tell us it gets really hot from now on in the centre of Spain with temperatures above 30 degrees C most days.

I reckon we’ll just have to put up with that inconvenience then!