We got up quite late this morning, having been disturbed during the night by the wind which blew in from the Med and seriously ruffled our feathers. However the awning stood up to the test and rippled noisily but kept securely pinned to the ground, although my poor satellite dish took another tumble, this time fortunately onto its back so no real harm done.

One of my first tasks was to put the said satellite dish back into action, specifically so that we could watch the funeral of Margaret Thatcher live on BBC World. I quickly tired of the unwarranted pomp and ceremony (my opinion only) so went to check out the Wi-Fi at the campsite using my i-Pad. Mary however loves that kind of thing and got right into it, although I have to say it was more for the speeches and formalities than out of any particular respect for the Iron Lady.

Meanwhile I had returned to the caravan and set about securing the awning more definitely by adding the hold-down strap which was still in its box from the time we bought it. At first I couldn’t quite work out how it was meant to be fixed but gradually realized there was a strap missing. I then improvised with a strap from the computer shoulder bag and hey presto! we had  a goer. As the day went by I could see that the hold-down strap did add extra strength to the fixings and I will use it when I have to.

Just after lunch, half of Holland descended on the campsite and we found ourselves surrounded by Dutchmen and Dutchwomen of all shapes and sizes. I’ll know where to go if I run out of Gouda! We popped down to the bar to use the Internet but the reception was really poor so we just had a drink and a chat with the boss of the campsite, mainly in Spanish, but with bits of English and German! That was a very stimulating 3-way conversation where the language kept switching for some fairly unknown reason every few minutes.

We asked him about the advertised 1-day ferry crossing, coach trip and walking tour to Tangiers in Morocco and he said he would go and get everything organized for us. Mary then went and paid a deposit and came back with a receipt which will leave us to pay the balance at the boat tomorrow. It will be our first ever foot in Africa and even if it’s only for the day, it should be a pretty interesting if not eye-opening excursion. As usual, this was not on the plan but we’ll just go for it. What plan?

Later on before tea, I tried to get more information about train times and fares which will allow us to travel in a straighter line north to Salamanca. I didn’t get very far, mainly due to a rubbish Internet connection but it looks like I may have the makings of yet another new itinerary. If only I changed my socks as often!

At night I managed to catch the second half of the German Cup Semi-Final between Stuttgart and Freiburg, a cracking good end-to-end game which the Kickers stole 2 – 1 despite Freiburg being the better team for the large majority of the match. The day finished with a kidnapping film “Babes in the Wood” on Das Erste channel which we watched although we’d seen it before.

I never knew Morgan Freeman spoke such good German!