Sorry for the late posting. I was too tired last night and too busy this morning.

We had a second excellent breakfast in front of the caravan in the warm sunshine this morning but then it all went a bit downhill. We had decide that, at 70 miles away, Valencia was a town too far to visit, so resorted to visiting whatever there was in the local area. There were only 2 things advertised as worth a look: the castle of Santa Anna on top of the hill to the north and the old town which ran from the castle to the city centre.

Having walked the 4 miles round trip yesterday, it was reasonable to take the car today. We found the direction posts easy to follow and drove up the hill to the recommended parking area – a set of parking spots behind a less-than-perfect high-rise block of flats, out of sight of civilisation. We parked up and asked a couple of kids sitting on the pavement near our car how you got to the castle. The young girl came over and indicated a stony path snaking up the side of the hill. We set off up the slope but I had a bad feeling about this.

As we plodded uphill I kept looking back to check the car was OK and on one occasion I noticed the wee boy had emerged from the shadows and was looking directly at us from below. In itself this could have been innocent enough but an alarm went off inside me when I discerned he was talking into a mobile phone and continually glancing up to where we were. That was enough for me. We could do without seeing another bloody castle, I wanted my Audi back in one piece with all its contents, so I told Mary to turn back and we quickly beat a retreat down to the car.

When we got there, the 2 kids looked rather surprised to see us so soon after we had left and they slunk away over to the waste ground. We were out of there in seconds! Our second target arrived quite by accident as we had to drive through the very narrow streets of the old town to get back down to the centre. I would have stopped and had a butcher’s but too many corner cafés seemed to have groups of motley young men outside drinking and that didn’t augur well with us either.

An executive decision was taken by Mary to abandon all thought of a bit of tourism and we simply drove round to the supermarkets and went in search of some new dishtowels! We found some lovely red and green ones in a different supermarket and then it was back to the site for tea. Mary produced a fine chicken and vegetables main course which we ate outside before the wind got up again and we popped back indoors.

Here’s the football bit. I tried really hard to get Astra 28º so I could watch Tottenham v Basle on ITV but we were clearly too far south now for my dish to get the signal. As always when this happens, I moved to Astra 19º and surfed 240 channels looking for some game to watch. Just as I was about to give up, Kanal Eins (German of course) flashed up a short announcement saying that the next programme would be Europa League football live in twenty minutes. I waited patiently and was rewarded in spades when the match they were about to show live turned out to be ….. you guessed it, Tottenham v Basle. Great game too! Thank you, God (and Kanal Eins!) Glad to hear Bayle’s injury isn’t as serious as it looked.

What with the lack of things to visit round here, we will definitely be moving on tomorrow to La Manga just south of Carthagena and famous of course for its golf. Fore!