Mary was the one up early and sickeningly busy this morning while I had myself a long lie and pondered on the fate of the world. Usually it’s the other way around so I enjoyed my all too infrequent cup of tea in bed and made no apologies for still being there at 11.30. Anyway it was dull and overcast so I didn’t fancy sitting outside with a big jersey on and staying indoors for meals is now quite naff!

We decided on a wee run into Vilanova after lunch today, especially as I wanted to try and get a month’s Internet on Orange España at 1 Euro per day unlimited. We spent an hour in the bar online first and got chatting to an elderly couple we’ve met two or three times lately. They told us their caravan got sideswiped by a Dutch Motorhome cutting the corner while leaving early this morning. The old guy jumped out of bed, grabbed his keys, got in his car and chased them up the road, eventually catching them at reception. He took their details and demanded some instant cash (50 Euro) which he got on the spot. Well done, mate!

Down in Vilanova we wandered up the Rambla Principal and found the Orange shop where the assistant helped us get our monthly subscription, so we’ll now have Internet connection from the Magic Caravan 24/7 for the next 4 weeks while we’re travelling. On impulse we then drove round to Simply, the big supermarket on the far side of town, where we spent an hour or so just checking out what was on offer but with no particular objective in mind. I was fascinated by the sumptuous fish counter and decided to learn how to best cook seafood so we could take advantage of the bargain prices on offer. We started with some fresh sardines which we’ll have tomorrow grilled with butter.

Simply is the best by the way. Its food is first class, its beer and wine section offers ridiculously cheap fare and it has large fancy goods and clothing departments. It sells TVs and computers, cameras and mobile phones and even has a 1 Euro section where everything costs……. 1 Euro!! We love going there because its huge and wide and there are always plenty check-outs open so you don’t have to wait until you grow a beard to get served. At least Mary doesn’t! You can also fill up cheaper than anywhere else in town and there is a 2 Euro self-service car wash with one of those fun power hoses to soak yourself with.

We had tuna cooked in dry Martini tonight, mine with pasta and Mary’s with avocado, both hitting the spot nicely. The evening was very, very quiet as we both did our own thing while listening to some mood music in the background. Although we didn’t see loads of the sun today it was still 20+ degrees and extremely pleasant and the forecast promises much of the same over the Easter weekend. What with it being Holy Week, the campsite has become really busy with lots of Spanish families coming in for a holiday. They’ve filled and opened the big outdoor pool in preparation for the season to begin at the weekend and everything has been suitably spruced up for the new visitors.

Interesting comment came from Mick the butcher last night. He told me he was a bit peeved at the prices of things here onsite, something that caused me to choke on my beer, as we consider this place cheap as chips. He explained that down towards Benidorm everything is half the price of here in Vilanova and some of the bargains he quoted were unbelievable. If that’s true then I can’t wait to get there! Don’t forget, we hit the road again on Tuesday and it’s South, South, South!

I think we’ll have a tourism day tomorrow. We’ll probably go to the Park Guell in Barcelona which I haven’t seen but Mum and Mary visited a few weeks ago, then we might just pop on the train and go to Tarragona for the afternoon. You’ll be the first to know!