Both of us woke up with a start at just after six this morning and realised we were wide awake and ready to rock and roll! Now let me remind you, this is Mary and George we’re talking about here, and I’m sure you’re all aware that beginning the day at such an hour is a very unusual thing to happen in our world. We put it down to the jet-lag which made us go to sleep much earlier than usual last night. Mary was in bed and asleep by ten again while I sat on the side of the bed debating whether to read or not…… and fell asleep sitting up! Anyway, on a positive note, we saw the sun rise and beautiful it was.

After a breakfast of boiled eggs, Mary went off for a shower, giving me the room I needed to tidy away some stuff we are unlikely to use again now that the cold weather seems to have passed for this winter. So I said goodbye to heavy coats, scarves, woolly hats and gloves, bagging them up and stuffing them under one of the bench seats from where they are very unlikely to re-emerge. Other sundry items followed them out of sight and soon there was a fair bit more space available in the confines of our dear Magic Caravan.

I sat out in the warm sunshine doing a bit of planning while Mary went off to the shop and bought our lunch which we promptly ate al fresco. After that, delighted to discover that the Audi roared into life on the first turn of the key for three and a half weeks, we drove into Vilanova where we sought an Orange store and bought some credit for our dongle. That means we can use the Internet in the caravan if we don’t want to go up to the bar all the time. We were then irresistibly tempted by a cup of the amazing hot chocolate we shared with Mum and Kate down at the front a few weeks ago. The spirit is willing (only just!) but the flesh (and there’s plenty of it!) is weak. Who needs champagne?

Back at the campsite and once again seated at table outside, I resolved to celebrate our 200th day on the road by penning the next chapter of everyone’s favourite snail, Socrates. The Muse was with me on this occasion and the words came pouring out unhindered. Mary as usual checked the storyline for me and suggested a couple of changes which I readily agreed to, leaving us fairly satisfied with the content and structure of chapter 8. I’ll post it in the morning. I then had an hour’s shuteye while Mary watched Poirot on TV, little grey cells and all!

Having decided earlier in the day to dine out, we went up to the campsite restaurant in the evening and had a meal and a bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion of day 200. By nine o’clock however, Mary was on the brink of falling asleep with her head in the mince (spinach cannelloni actually!) so she went off to bed while I came back with the laptop and had a couple of beers. But even I couldn’t last longer than quarter to ten by which time I was pressing all the wrong buttons, so I joined her in bed where the lights quickly went out.

We think we know what jet-lag feels like now!