Dare I chance fate and say we felt a wee bit better this morning, meaning we managed a decent breakfast and a chat with some of the other folk in the hostel. I also did as requested by Scott and checked which sports channels were available on the TV in the dining-room, as he had said he wanted to watch the Dundee derby and the Tottenham v Arsenal game in the dead of night Oz time. The Dundee derby was on Setanta Australia, a pay channel the hostel didn’t get, so Scott then found an Irish pub down by the Yarra whose website said they would be showing it.

I was feeling a good bit perkier, especially after having had a chat with George and Ben on Facetime the previous evening before I went to sleep. My lovely grandson was looking great (although he was sitting on the potty!) and by the way he kept pressing my face on George’s i-Phone I assumed he must be missing me terribly. George however pointed out that Ben merely assumed I was a new App!!

We met Scott in town at about two o’clock and he walked us to the Sunday market where we spent a couple of hours exploring the stalls. The weather was becoming distinctly hot (25 degrees +) so the people were all seeking the shade which led us to the covered market, a giant awning housing fruit & veg, clothing, souvenirs and several other speciality stalls. We had lunch out of the sun and visited the meat market, I gave in and bought an Australian T-shirt, we got some cheap fruit and nuts and Mary plumped for a souvenir clock and the mandatory boomerang. Later on I noticed a chip in it and told Mary to throw it away but somehow it kept coming back!

On our way back to the flat, we passed St. Francis Church which Scott sometimes attends. I popped in for a look and, as fate would have it, noticed there was a Mass in 5 minutes at half past four, so Scott took all our stuff back while we went to Mass. We had intended meeting up for eleven o’clock Mass this morning but neither party proved capable of meeting that appointment! Let me tell you now that the church was absolutely heezing with not a place available in pew or aisle. And it was the fifth of the day’s six Masses! We were kept comfortable by four giant fans which blew lovely gusts of cool air over a grateful congregation, the majority of whom were clearly Philippine. What a devout nation they are: they put us to shame, such is their dedication to the faith.

Back at the flat I cooked up a Tuna Pasta Bake for us which we all devoured greedily, having worked up an appetite. We then washed and changed in preparation for a surprise trip down to St. Kilda beach to see something Scott promised we would like. Oohh the suspense! With Mike making up a foursome, we took a tram to St. Kilda and strolled out along a crowded pier to find…….. Penguins! Yes, at the far end of the promontory there was a set of rocks onto which the penguins climb each evening to have a nap and do other penguiny things. This was a lovely surprise for Mary and me and we revelled in the delight of seeing these cute little things in the wild. No flash photography was allowed but there were several volunteer wardens there with infra-red torches to help the visitors locate and photograph the penguins.

Only kiddin’! I’ll post a real photo later.

We returned to the shore and headed for the St. Kilda High Street where we had a couple of beers at a pavement café and an attempt at putting the world to right. Mary got off the tram we caught back to town at a stop near the hostel, while we three lads continued on into the CBD where we made our way hurriedly (as it was nearly midnight and past derby kick-off time) to the aforementioned Irish pub. How great was our disappointment when the staff wouldn’t put the game on, insisting the patrons all wanted to watch some crappy Aussie Rules game! Deflated, we called it a night.

And that’s how I managed to burst in on my supposed faithful wife two hours earlier than I had said I would. Yes, there she was, the love of my life, the hussy, lying stretched out on the bed “in flagrante delicto!”…………….. Reading!

Night Time Penguin

Night Time Penguin