Surprisingly, we slept well and woke at just before eight to a very, very special day for us both. It’s not every second day that you fly to Australia, is it? The nerves were evident in us both and I’m afraid the toilets took a bit of a beating for the first couple of hours. In between, I managed to pack my case and backpack, using only about half of the generous 30kg allowance as I was trying really hard not to take twice as many clothes as I would need.

So we were all ready and waiting when Kevin drew up outside the Magic Caravan with Dick riding shotgun and Lynne coming along just to say bye-bye. We were duly deposited at the airport Terminal 1, hands were shaken and then we were on our own facing the biggest trip of our lives! Emirates check-in was unhurried and hugely civilised compared to all the budget airlines we’ve used and we were told we would next see our cases in Melbourne.

Thankfully the stress dropped at this point so we were able to go and have a bite to eat and a coffee. Security and Passport Control were negotiated without a twitch, leaving us with an hour to relax at the gate before boarding. It was now time to get on the “Big Bird”.

I use the term advisedly as this was no Ryanair 747 but an absolute monster of a plane, seating 3x4x3 across, with loads of legroom and extra space, although we were lucky enough to get one of the 5 double chummy seats near the rear of the flying leviathan. I was totally surprised when we left the ground as if by magic with the engines hardly trying! There then followed a drink over Sardinia, a 4-course meal over Greece, a movie over Turkey and a nap over the Holy Land. Sorry, God!

But by then it wasTuesday!