Well, to waken up and find that Barcelona and district had just had its first snowfall in years certainly ranked among one of the biggest surprises we’ve had on our adventure so far. Our neighbour Lynne was quick to point out that there was snow on the surrounding hills to the north and west while she excitedly described having seen a car come up from the town with snow on its bonnet. The television up in the bar showed nothing but pics of the roads in Barcelona but compared to our usual snowfalls I must admit it was nothing special. To the Catalans however, this was a major spectacle.

Fred and Dick sped off on the latter’s motorbike to take a look at this event in Barcelona and maybe even get a rare snapshot of the Sagrada Familia with snow-covered spires. What excitement the weather seemed to have caused! I doubt if any of our recent visitors will recognize what I am describing, but believe me it’s true, as we’ve seen it for ourselves. Admittedly it had all vanished under the warm sun by about one in the afternoon but there you have it, snow in Barcelona!

Up at reception we checked on the details of our storage starting on Monday and discovered we would have to move the Magic Caravan to a different pitch and take the awning down. We went to have a look at this smaller pitch which the receptionist suggested we move to on Sunday for convenience sake and found it perfectly suitable for our requirements so that’s exactly what we are going to do tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up with preparing to move and drying out the carpets which had taken a bit of a soaking last night in the heavy rain. Luckily it was sunny enough for me to lay everything out flat on the adjacent vacant pitch and just let it all dry, even though it continued to be really, really cold. Mary went and did a final washing of clothes we will be taking to Oz while I dismantled the water systems and satellite dish.

Soon it was seven o’clock and time to get ready for our special dinner with our friends before we all go off in different directions. They had chosen “Wok”, a Japanese buffet restaurant in Vilanova town, and Mihail, our Rumanian waiter friend, had organized for his pal to come and fetch us in his 7-seater taxi. We all had a beer at the bar on the campsite before jumping into the taxi and being driven to “Wok” for eight-thirty.

The magnificent 7

The magnificent 7

The meal was quite wonderful and I won’t go into too much detail as to all the things we tried but I can say that I had a terrific assortment of seafood (including delicious lobster) and Mary regaled her taste buds with sushi and seaweed and stuff like that. Apart from the cooked food ready for you to put straight onto your plate, there was an uncooked area where you added what you fancied to your plate then watched as the chef cooked it up in woks and on huge hotplates. Quite eye-popping! The seven of us drank down 4 bottles of wine, we all had coffees and the damage was 20 Euros a skull! My kind of bargain I would say.

Call me a romantic fool!

Say it with chocolate!

We had noticed the restaurant workers lighting big gas heaters in the room and it was indeed a wee bit chilly at the table but when we went out to get the taxi home it was absolutely brass monkeys and much colder than you would ever imagine Barcelona could get. Back at the campsite, we shared a drink or two at the bar then Mary and I became the party-poopers by leaving first as we were both very tired. We had had a great night in jolly company and will be sorry to leave our new-found friends as they’ll all be gone by the time we return from Melbourne.

All set for a feeding frenzy

All set for a feeding frenzy

As I write this post, we’re 30 hours away from getting on the plane. Emirates here we come!