Today was another thing ticked off the Bucket List for both Greg and me. I had mused earlier with one of my new friends, Dick, how that film had introduced me (and probably the vast majority of the planet) to the concept of a “Bucket List”, a list of things you decide you want to do before you kick the bucket. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are wonderful in the film and it definitely is a “must see” so put it on your own bucket list. Of course it helps if you are a millionaire and can afford to do the things you most want to do, but that’s a technicality I suppose.

So, what’s on my bucket list? Well, at this precise moment I reckon becoming an author is my greatest desire therefore seeing my book in print would be there. I would also like to see a World Cup Final with Scotland in it but maybe that’s stretching it too far. Where would I like to go? Surprisingly there aren’t too many places I’d like to visit but haven’t already. Except perhaps the Pyramids in Egypt and the Holy Land of course. Oz is probably on the list but that will be ticked off in under a fortnight remarkably when we fly off to see Scott in Melbourne. I think I’d like to see the Grand National at Aintree and maybe stand near Becher’s Brook and watch the horses jump over (or not!).

Does this mean I have few ambitions in my petty little life? I don’t know really, but I’m surprised myself that there aren’t a load of things that immediately come to mind. I would definitely like to see my Mum and Dad again but unfortunately that can only happen later and doesn’t fit the definition of the Bucket List. I know lots of people who want to go to China or Russia or India or Mexico or some other exotic place but I don’t, honestly. God that makes me sound really boring, doesn’t it? Maybe I should add something like sky-diving or swimming under the polar icecap just to make my list sound better!

Today Greg and I ticked off “Visit the Camp Nou.” Ok, I know I saw a game there on Sunday but I always intended to take the tour as well. Karen came along too but I doubt if that was on her list. My friend Dick accompanied us and it was probably ticked off on his. While we were doing all things FC Barcelona, Mary and Dick’s wife Lynn headed straight for El Corte Inglès, the huge department store on the Playa Cataluña where they appeared to spend the entire afternoon looking but thankfully not buying. We met up with them after the tour of the stadium and we had a coffee on the square before we caught the bus back to the campsite.

On the tour

On the tour

Bigger cups than Dolly Parton's!

Bigger cups than Dolly Parton’s!


I really must mention the weather at this point because it has taken a huge turn for the better and we are now sitting outside a lot more frequently than before. Our skins are definitely getting browner too although we tend to be a bit careful about how exposed we allow ourselves to be. I’m actually writing this outside the tent in the warm sunshine. It’s just before midday and the temperature is around sixteen degrees. That’s what Spain is meant to be like, isn’t it?

Shall I put celebrating my 60th birthday with my family in Barcelona on my Bucket List? I’ll tick it off on Sunday then! Woo-Hoo!