Today was almost as exciting as yesterday. Our first ever guests, Greg & Karen, would be arriving on a flight from Newcastle to spend a week or so with us, an event of special significance for Karen as this would be her first ever flight and her first trip abroad. Prior to their arrival, Mary and I dealt with the logistics of accommodating two more people in the tent, clearing out the awning space and digging out the inflatable double bed we had bought before we left but had never removed from its box.

They certainly wouldn’t be flying in to blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures unfortunately as the weather had taken a turn for the worse and was not only cloudy but quite chilly below 10 degrees. Nevertheless we were sure they would find it a bit warmer than Montrose and the longer forecast was for unbroken sunshine and mercury rising into high teens.

Our drive to Terminal 2 at El Prat was via the coast road for a change, a trip that took a lot longer than anticipated when a cement lorry broke down coming up the narrow hill in the opposite direction, causing the police to stop our side while the lorry reversed downhill into a lay-by overlooking the Med! When the driver climbed out of the cab he had to stand on the wall at the top of the cliff and he stood there chatting to the policeman like he was on the High Street!

When we arrived at Terminal 2 we headed for 2C which was the Easyjet area but ten minutes later had to go back to 2B where the arrivals come out and there we found Greg and Karen alive and well if a little tired and relieved. Poor Karen seemed a bit disorientated after her first flight and promptly fell asleep on the return journey, mentally and physically exhausted I think.

But that’s how these adventures pan out and I’m sure most of us have ghostly memories of trying to sleep in an airport terminal with one eye open to guard the luggage while cleaners in strange purring electric vehicles circle the sitting areas.

Back at the campsite we settled the bairns in, gave them something to eat and then inflated their bed under the awning to let them catch up on their sleep while Mary and I sauntered off to the bar to do some reading and Internet stuff. We roused them again at half past five to allow time for ablutions and general tarting up before we all set off for the restaurant to enjoy the dinner/dance again.

The bairns!

The bairns!

We had a smashing evening, the food was good, we tried to learn the Merengue and some of us had more than one glass of wine! Chucked out of the bar at closing time we spent a couple of late hours in the Magic Caravan catching up on the news and making spurious plans for the week ahead. We thought we might be going to the Gay Mardi Gras celebrations at Sitges just up the coast tomorrow but unfortunately we’re told the spectacle doesn’t really get started until after eleven at night and that would make getting home logistically difficult, so we plan on making pancakes in the caravan instead!

The Fantastic Four!

The Fantastic Four!

We’re really happy to have our first visitors here at last and we’re so looking forward to the other 2 brothers getting here on Friday for my birthday and then Mary’s mum and Kate arriving on Monday. It will be quite a change having family for company after so long on our own or with strangers.

I hope we don’t end up fighting!