I forgot to mention yesterday that I received a nice e-mail from Uncle Brian in Newcastle, drawing to my attention cheap cruises around the Med from Savona just up the road. We thought it through but decided it would be best to stick to our original rough plan to cross the south of France and spend a short time in the Perpignan area before entering Spain. Thanks all the same Brian, one of the two uncles along with my dad’s brother Terry who enthused unrelentingly about life in a caravan and went a long way towards persuading Mary and I to embark on this adventure.

When a bed is made up of two bench seat cushions with their back supports stuck between them on some wooden slats, you wouldn’t automatically think it is going to be the most comfortable bed you have ever slept in, but that is exactly the case with the made-up bed in the Magic Caravan. Even though all four cushions have a dimple style surface with buttons, they form the basis of a terrific night’s sleep time after time after time. This is an unexpected bonus and a very welcome one which we hope will continue right to the end of our travels.

Speaking of travels, we have more or less decided on the places we will stop and visit over the next 17 days before driving down to Barcelona. Tomorrow we travel further south to San Remo which will be our last site in Italy but should be nice to visit along with Ventimiglia and Menton. We have decided to skip most of the French Riviera (just because we’ve seen it all a couple of times) and go to Toulon on the southernmost tip of that area, a spot we have always driven past. Next it will be round to Béziers near Montpellier, another new area of France for us then finally somewhere near Perpignan, probably close to Argèles Plage the popular coastal region.

We were just on the point of leaving to walk into the village today when the rain arrived. We’re still waiting for it to go off! Confined to quarters we were, making our own entertainment. Thankfully we had some food in so we survived but we were a bit disappointed. However we cheered up when the BBC news showed us the snow in Scotland and East England, making us feel quite lucky actually. At least it’s not freezing here although we do need the electric fire on to keep the temperature up.

This afternoon, as we couldn’t go out, we settled down to watch “Airplane!” for the twentieth time or more. Mary howled with laughter all the way through, probably pricking the curiosity of our Italian neighbours. I absolutely love that film and think it must be one of the best movies ever made. “Surely you can’t be serious?” “I am, and don’t call me Shirley!” Those lines never fail to make me chuckle.

I had Mary down on her knees again this morning! You see, the fridge had unfortunately grown some interesting cultures while we were away and a thorough scrubbing was called for. Such duties are not within my remit however so Lady Burton donned the marigolds and got stuck in and a rather fine job she made of it, I must say. The milk, cheese and pesto are now where they should be and I’ve made the tea again to redress the balance of labour. What a team we are!

We saw Brian Cox on “The One Show” tonight and he was describing his new comedy about Bob Servant, the Broughty Ferry character as created by Dundee’s Neil Forsyth. We first came upon Bob Servant thanks to Judith Schmitt who introduced Mary to the books while we were visiting them in Andolsheim. Mary has since downloaded a couple of the books onto her Kindle and we’ve both enjoyed the stories which are very, very funny. Try them. I guarantee you a good laugh.

I wonder if Mary will keep the marigolds on in bed tonight?