We are back in the Magic Caravan!

Having slept well in our hotel in central Bergamo, we checked out a little later than planned and had a bit of a carry-on getting out of the car park, meaning we had to crack on down the motorway if we were going to be on time for picking up the caravan in Genoa. Fortunately it was Sunday today so the traffic on the Tangenziale around Milan was much lighter than the last time we’d tried to use it and we had a clear run through. The signs advised winter tyres, snow on the way and snow-clearing vehicles on the road but we saw none of that as we sped unhindered south.

Victoria steered us the last kilometre to the storage depot, Alex was expecting us and opened the gates right away, we drove into the yard and there she was, tucked under her awning and looking none the worse for having spent Xmas and New Year all alone in a strange place. We were genuinely touched to have the caravan back again. With hitch-up completed and the usual checks done, we bid farewell and a big thank you to Alex whom we recommend highly (firpo@libero.it).

In less than an hour, including a stop for diesel and a sandwich, we found our campsite at San Bartholomeo al Mare, on the Italian Riviera just two minutes off the motorway, and the owners quickly opened to let us in and helped us set up. We chose a nice spot surrounded by permanent chalets at least one of which was occupied. There were other folk working on rebuilding a wooden awning near the reception but once again we appear to be pretty much on our own. It doesn’t feel lonely here however as the site is next to a village with main roads close by and all the pathways are well-lit.

While Mary checked out the toilets and filled in the usual documentation I got to work returning the caravan to our home for the next while. In a surprisingly short amount of time, it looked like the familiar and comfortable abode we have spent the last 4 months living in, and connecting electricity, gas, TV and water restored all the necessary facilities for our style of existence. Thanks to the excellent Internet site “Dishpointer.com” I was able to find Astra 28 without too much fiddling around and we were watching BBC Scotland in no time!

Over tea, our traditional first-night Spag Bol, we mused upon our all-inclusive experience in Antalya, deciding that, although it was very relaxing, carefree and quite luxurious, it really isn’t the kind of thing we would be able to enjoy for any longer than maybe one week at the most, unless of course we had a series of visits planned to keep us occupied for most of the day. The weather was quite inconsequential in truth, and I did get one lie on the beach, but the overall impression was of having taken a week’s break from the real fun which is our caravan adventure. So be it.

Our free internet connection proved to be so good that we were able to talk to Mum and Scott and enjoy a video Skype with Gavin and Eve. Then it was early off to bed to watch MOTD 2 which I only just managed to see through to the end before the Sandman closed my eyes. We slept like babes!

I am writing this over breakfast. Please excuse any splashes of milk!