I had my first interrupted night’s sleep last night since the adventure started 83 days ago. Was it the vibrating of the caravan evry time a train passed nearby? No. Was it anxiety caused by coming to a less than perfect suburb of Naples? No. Was it the friend who never leaves me, Mr. Bladder? No. So what woke me and kept me awake on the night of November 11/12?

It was the heat! I woke up wringing in sweat and was immediately aware that I hadn’t felt this warm in the middle of the night since the summer of 2011 in the Vendée. It must have been close to 20 degrees……. and it was almost 3 a.m. I had expected the weather to be quite nice down here in Campania region, 200 miles south of Rome, but I honestly didn’t anticipate it being quite so warm.

The interruption kept me asleep until after eight this morning and I  still wasn’t fully compos mentis when Mary dished up the first cup of tea of the day. Our conversation turned to what we would do today and I pointed out that yesterday was a moving day so today should be a rest day. Mary, God bless her, agreed with my suggestion and we accepted we would only go to the supermarket to stock up and nothing else. Pompeii could wait.

I did a reconnaissance mission of the road to “Carrefour” and found it quite safe and not in any way like we had seen it last evening. Well, that was a relief! I reported back to Mary that the supermarket was only about 700 metres away but we took the car anyhow as we intended to buy quite a lot. Having filled our trolley we rolled up to the check-out but were somewhat unprepared for the 83 euro bill we had to pay. Heavens, some of this food is really quite expensive here in Italy.

As it was lunchtime when we got back, we quickly unpacked then sat out under the orange trees and had a lovely meal in the sunshine. At this point we found ourselves shaking our heads in disbelief at what we were doing, where we were and what time of year it was. We began to feel quite lucky to have the opportunity to do such things. Or maybe it was more of a reward for having been brave enough to do this in the first place. We can’t tell.

The rest of the afternoon passed by quietly, Mary on the Kindle and me playing Mah-Jong on the laptop. Not a word passed between us for more than three hours. At about five, our new Australian friends called us over for some chestnuts again and five hours later we were still sitting around the table exchanging tales of foreign travel while simultaneously avoiding the deadly acorns which intermittantly bombed us from the branches high above us. Dinner had been eaten, a glass or two of Rosso had washed it down, magic tricks had been performed then explained by our resident magician, Clark, and we had helped each other out as regards the best sites to go to etc.

At some point in the evening, Scottish bagpipe music burst forth from Clark’s own laptop and this was all the encouragement I needed to get up and do the highland fling right there in middle of the campsite. It got filmed too, so I’ll probably end up on some Australian Candid Camera show or something. As Clark and Ellen will be back in Oz next March when we intend to go over, they very kindly asked us to come and stay with them in Sydney. Now that’s an offer we may well take up if things work out as planned. Janice and Gordon took a note of the site we will be on in Barcelona so they may come and visit too. They really are awfully nice people.

Tomorrow we visit the ruins of Pompeii. It should be a bit of a Lav-a!