When we woke up it had stopped raining. Completely. The clouds had disappeared overnight and now the sun was shining again. Like we knew it would. Eventually. Oh ye of little faith! You somehow know that rain can’t go on forever but while it’s happening it can be difficult to see an end to it all. That’s how we felt yesterday when Lake Garda swopped places with the sky. God it was wet! We thought we were in the wettest place in Wetville, Wetonia, Wetland. It was so wet yesterday even the ducks had brollies and wellingtons. But no longer.

Breakfast became a rather hurried affair as we sensed we ought to be out there seeing Garda in the sunlight, the way we saw it the last time we were here. Limone was where we had had our hotel so Limone was our target, up the west bank near the top. The Audi obeyed my every command and swung us along the south side of the lake before I casually asked Victoria how far away was Limone. She indicated 58 kilometres. What?? I pulled into a lay-by and double-checked her data. No mistake, it was that far away. OK, change of plan, what does that signpost say is close by? Sirmione. Fine, today we will visit Sirmione.

When I’m driving hundreds of kilometres between stops, I have no intention of driving long distances to see things once we have set up on a site. No no. Short is the new long. For distances over 20 kilometres we have buses and trains, not the car. The Audi takes us to each succeeding campsite then goes to sleep for a few days. That’s how it’s been and that’s how it will continue to be.

So Sirmione it was. Two false starts later, having unsuccessfully parked then walked to where we thought things were, I used an old Indian trick and followed a tour bus around some twisting roads which led to a giant car park by the lakeside and full of brown signposts pointing to “centro storico”. That’ll do us nicely, grazie!

Sirmione turned out to be a beautiful lakeside town, full of lovely shops and restaurants and with a “via panoramica” which we followed around the edge of the old town. Along a boardwalk, we came to a jetty sticking out into the lake with shoals of fish chasing themselves on both sides. The lake was gorgeous and the blue skies emphasised the high, snow-capped mountains beyond. Take a look.

Garda at its best