When we eventually got going today i.e. after eating, washing, feeding ducks, tidying up etc. we decided to try and conquer the hill directly opposite the campsite on the other side of the Neckar. Off we went over the bridge then followed our noses in an upward direction until we reached a car park with a sign showing all the walks in the forest. That’s when it got weird.
There were two guys who looked Turkish standing in the car park with pieces of paper in their hands. One of them suddenly enunciated loudly and carefully something about his wife arriving from somewhere. At that a car driven by a woman pulled into the car park. We waited for some marital reunion but the woman got out and walked past us all. Next the same guy said the same thing in the same manner. Nothing happened but we did start to stare. Then he said it again but this time turned to look at us. Mary boldly asked in perfect German if he was rehearsing for a play! Imagine my astonishment when he answered that that was exactly what they were doing.
We struck up a short conversation with them during which they congratulated us on our ability with German while adding that they had been in Germany for 18 years but still had difficulties with loads of the words. As we walked off up the first path, Mary quipped that, if we didn’t put ourselves in these situations, then we would not be able to report back such terribly unusual happenings. “Oh that this too solid flesh would melt!”

Spot the car and caravan!