After this morning’s bonus rant I sort of drifted off into a wee world of fantasy where everything I wanted came true. It was fun but not real life although our real life at the moment is fun.

I don’t want to win the Lottery (at least not the 10 quid Mary won last week), I don’t want fast cars and beautiful women – I have them already – but I DO want to get published. I would dearly love to see the words I’ve written printed in a real book and on sale in the shops. That would be a big thrill for me and a lifetime ambition achieved.

I know I need an Agent, someone who knows how the system works and who can take my work around to the right people. So far I’ve offered the book to 2 publishers, Black & White and D C Thomson. Black & White liked it enough to pass it on to their commissioning editors and I’ll hear back from them in the next month or so. They take an average of 3 months or more to reply!

Unfortunately D C Thomson have failed to acknowledge my submission on 3 separate occasions and I find their lack of manners inexcusable and actually hurtful as I really hoped the local publishing giant might at least have taken a look at what I was offering. If anyone out there knows anyone at D C Thomson who could persuade an editor to give my book the once-over I would be eternally grateful even if in the end they have no use for it.

The whole day has been spent going over things connected with my book about wee Georgie and it is amazing that I finished it almost 9 months ago. I’ve also written 20,000 words of Book 2 taking me from 11 years old up through the first couple of years at Lawside but I haven’t written anything else except the Blog since we left.

Can I once again ask anyone who is following the blog but hasn’t actually clicked to accept our invitation to follow it to please do so now. That way we can keep up with the number of hits we get each day. Well done to those who are posting comments now. You have a long way to go to catch uncle Gerard but keep posting and you might overtake him when he swans off to sunnier climes.

I didn’t kill any more wasps today. And apart from my hands I didn’t wash. I brushed my teeth though.