We are sleeping so well that I am tempted to check that we’re not suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning every night! No, don’t panic everyone, we have a wee monitoring thing to keep us safe and anyway, we’d be dead by now! But still we were bleary eyed at 08.45 this morning and didn’t really get going until about 10a.m. Breakfast and housework were followed by a shave (for me not Mary!) then over to the bus-stop for the 12.42 to Würzburg. Dundee’s twin town in Germany. You know I really mean the 12.42 and not the roughly twenty to one bus as this is Deutschland and I’m not sure they even have a word for “roughly” as they don’t need it. But we Scots work with “roughly” ok which explains Alan and Jocelyn sprinting up to the bus-stop and only making it because we dilly-dallied deliberately to give them time. Haven’t seen a German running for a bus yet!

It was a pleasure chatting to our 2 compatriots all the way to Würzburg and I hope they enjoyed meeting a Dundonian who isn’t a junkie! They are a lovely couple and we wish them well for the future. We said our goodbyes at the Busbahnhof and we waved them off before getting our bearings and checking out some of the town’s more interesting sights. Lunch was ham sandwiches and hot Frikadellen (sausage burger basically) then we made our way to the cathedral to meet Bettina. She didn’t turn up! At least not where we were, in front of the huge church next to the “Dom” bus-stop and alongside the “Cafe des Doms”. No, she was waiting as arranged in front of the cathedral, but not OUR cathedral, no, but the one immediately to its right. So Würzburg has 2 cathedrals side by side, built to deliberately confuse the tourists. And us. Should have met Bettina at McDonald’s.

But no panic, because, thanks to the wonder of a wee hand-held box that lets you speak to other people you know, Mary was able to tell Bettina where we were and she walked the 30 extra metres to find us. Let joy be unbounded! The reunion was warm, if not tearful, and I quickly discovered our hostess for the day was my kind of girl when she invited us to stroll over to see the bridge then nip down to a really good Biergarten she knew. I sampled the delights of Kellerbier while the girls went wild on Coca-Light but I thought the drinks were rather expensive until Bettina pointed out I would get about 3 euros back on the bottles. So that’s why the down-and-outs in Germany walk around collecting bottles! Then we toured the centre of the city including the University gardens which reminded us painfully of St. Andrew’s. “Gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum sumus!”

In front of the Residenz

Bettina & Mary

We left Bettina at 18.15 (Waterloo!) and took the Strassenbahn 2 stops to the bus station. From there it was a 40 minute ride back to the caravan site on a bendy bus. Dead exciting!

We are going to have an early night as we will be packing up and moving on to Nüremberg tomorrow. And before anyone chips in, yes, we know it will be a bit of a trial! Give the man a coconut! Sorry to all those we’ve tried to contact on Skype recently. Our connection is shite and we’re trying to improve things, but don’t hold your breath!

Keep the comments coming, readers. We really enjoy your take on our adventure.