No, it’s not a coincidence. First night back from Berlin in the wee caravan and both of us slept like babies (woke up screaming at 3 in the morning and constantly wet ourselves!). The 8.15 train on the far side of the river was what actually woke me, a sign that we’ve gotten really used to the daily events on this stretch of the Rhein. Breakfast wasn’t up to much as we had come home late last night and had little or no provisions to start the day. I can hear Mum tutting away already and telling everyone how she would have arranged for Gerard to fly over here and put milk in our fridge for our return!

So a couple of cups of black tea later we decide to head into Boppard to do a bit shopping which was much easier now we know where to park, what bags to bring and not forget we need to pay in cash. Would you believe it, the supermarket doesn’t accept Visa! They do on the other hand take trade of a wild boar or a month’s cut logs in exchange for normal foodstuffs and you can have whatever you want if you send your daughter up to the castle on the hill for a couple of nights. She comes back a bit frazzled with 2 strange holes on the side of her neck but apart from that it sounds like a good deal.

Speaking of castles, Mary had been moaning about being here umpteen times but never having had the chance to visit a castle. As she thinks of herself as the right honourable Lady Mary of Blackness, this is a serious issue with her. Well today I made things right by driving us to Schloss Stolzenfels about 10 kms towards Koblenz. We parked at the bottom of the slope then climbed up a steep winding road to the Schloss itself and were rewarded not only with stunning views along the Rhein, but a beautiful stroll through the grounds of an excellent gothic castle. I also got in as a pensioner, woo-hoo!

On the way back down, Mary took us round by an old church which overlooked the river (to be honest everthing overlooks the river around here) and while she nosied away inside I sat down on a bench, wait for it……… overlooking the river! Next thing I know it’s 20 minutes later and I’ve had a lovely wee nap al fresco. Isn’t life grand?

On our return to the campsite we paid our dues, had tea and settled down to organizing our departure tomorrow. The weather is a bit cooler now and it was quite windy today (especially in places that overlooked the river!). There was even a drop of rain tonight, but we were cosied up inside by then and well sheltered from the elements. Oops spoke too soon. Bit a storm brewing tonight.

Boppard has been fantastic you know. Mary told me it was beautiful round here but I never thought for a moment it would be so panoramic and impressive as it’s turned out to be. We recommend this area to you all: it is a wonderful place to visit and the people are extremely friendly. Sitting watching the boats go by must be a national pasttime here. It is so laid-back.

Just one thing. Try to stay in a place……. that overlooks the river!