Home plus transport!

Sorry followers. We lost our Internet connection last night so couldn’t update. I awoke this morning to the sounds of the morning arrivals at Schipol airport just a few miles away. How high above us? Well the pilot had a moustache and one pierced ear as far as we could see! Yesterday was a “get to know the caravan and awning” day which meant moving lots of things around for maximum comfort and access. Over the next few days we will find out if we have made good decisions about phone chargers, sellotape, maps and socks, nevermind food and drink.

On my way to the loo yesterday I met a guy about my age who greeted me in Dutch, “Schnimm grimmsky” or something. I answered “Ik sprek gayn Nederlonts” but added “Ich spreche Deutsch, franzozisisch” then said “hablo un poco espanol”. He asked me in Dutch where I lived in Germany so I surprised him by telling him I was a Scot from Dundee. He stopped in his tracks, clearly amazed to find  a Scot who spoke anything but English. Our conversation continued in at least 2 languages and he surprised me by saying he found French, Spanish and Italian very difficult but had no problem with English. Shows us how much our language is an integral part of Dutch culture.

The guy in the next tent also speaks amazingly good English although he is Dutch. He works in computing for a firm developing a 3D shopping platform. His kids are going to teach us some basic Dutch starting with the numbers. Number 2 is “Twee” which I heard a bus driver from the Scottish Borders use last summer. Strange that!

We watched a heron stare out a fish in the pond in front of our caravan yesterday so I have attached a couple of pics for you. Just the pond, not the bird!

Our 1st pitch